NLS Group was founded in 2002, as ADVENTO, by a group of professionals with vast experience in the world of information systems. Since then, it has known how to interpret changing market needs, opting for and investing in innovative technologies. It has expanded its client portfolio and established itself as an excellent technology partner.


The company’s main activity is based on the execution of IT software solution implementation projects, using the most appropriate means and tools, as well as the consulting, design, programming and maintenance of information systems.


Since 2016, ADVENTO has formed part of the international NLS group, with headquarters in Portugal and present in other countries.

This alliance considerably strengthens the company’s position in the ICT market, ostensibly increasing its human, technical and financial resources, as well as its capacity to take on any project with maximum guarantees.


Its work philosophy is based on professionalism, commitment and close relationships with its clients, factors considered key for the successful execution of highly critical projects of great importance.

We know what we do, and what we do, we do well. This is demonstrated by the satisfaction and loyalty of our clients. Over the years, we have been capable of transforming software solutions into useful, efficient tools.

“Everything you can imagine is real.”

Pablo Picasso