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Business solutions

Solution designed to deal with the complexity of modern business organizations, including capacities to suit the specific needs of industries.

Native web solution based on 3-tier Java/J2EE that can be used in both “cloud” and “on site” modes.

A system to create corporate intranet portals with access to business information from a single point, with user-configurable ‘scorecards’.

Solution that makes it possible to manage large data sets from different origins, giving company managers a global view to make advanced, intelligent decisions.

Mobility solutions

Software platform that lets IT departments dynamically deploy applications on Android devices and integrate them in corporate systems, incorporating specific solutions for different environments: POS (Point of Sale), SFA (Sales Force Automation), CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System), PUD (Pick-up & Delivery), etc.

Development tools

A database-centered development environment especially oriented towards the development of 3-tier web infrastructure-based business applications.

Business service communication system (ESB) that facilitates connectivity and data transformation between suppliers and consumers.

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Infor M3

Specific solution for industry

Infor M3 is a complete ERP solution designed for companies that manufacture, distribute or perform maintenance on products.

  • Specific ERP solution for industry.
  • Cloud and on-premise installation options.
  • Support in 21 languages and 45 countries.
  • Highly flexible to adapt to multiple vertical markets.
  • Makes it possible to optimize operations and increase their visibility.
  • Manages complex, configured and feature-driven products.
  • Significantly improves the management of operating assets.
  • Optimizes customer service levels and maximizes profitability.
  • Increases visibility and control over information, material and financial flows.
  • Provides a 360º view of customer relations, both past and present.
  • Speeds up software implementation with pre-configured solutions.
Infor SunSystems

Specific solution for financial management.

Infor SunSystems is a comprehensive global financial management system built based on an open architecture that is easily integrated into other business management systems.

  • Real-time reporting.
  • Smart transactions.
  • Contextual business intelligence.
  • Comprehensive management of company data.
  • Unified accounting books.
  • Localized reporting for more than 40 countries.
  • Fixed asset management.
  • Multi-site.
In-house solutions

Localization module for Spain for Infor SunSystems

Permits localizing Infor SunSystems for the Spanish market in tax and accounting environments. The solution makes it possible to automatically generate the electronic files required by the Tax Authority, including the new Immediate Information System (SII), as well as obtain the official books (normal and summarized balance sheets, normal and summarized profit and loss accounts, etc.).

SEPA Module for Infor SunSystems

Makes it possible to issue collections and payments easily and intuitively in SEPA format, using CORE, COR1, B2B and TRF.

SII Module for Infor M3

This solution makes it possible to automatically manage the electronic files required by the Tax Authority’s Immediate Information System (SII) in a way that is integrated with Infor Movex and Infor M3.

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